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TEEN Activity Pack

About TEEN

The following section will provide you with information about the program’s goals, intended learning outcomes, curriculum design and content.

Primary Goals:

  • Increase awareness of Leave No Trace
  • Promote the stewardship of public lands
  • Meet the demands of diverse youth populations

Intended Learning Outcomes:

  • Develop a sense of stewardship for the natural world
  • Understand how to be safe and prepared for adventures in the outdoors
  • Understand how to reduce impact on the environment when recreating outdoors
  • Introduce the idea of making responsible decisions when participating in outdoor activities

How can I get involved with the TEEN program?

Making TEEN part of your Leave No Trace education curriculum is easy.  Here are four simple ways to incorporate TEEN into your programming.

1. Purchase the Teen Activity Pack:  The Teen Program is available for sale through the Center. Visit our online store to order one today or contact the Education Department for more information.

2. Contact your State Advocate:  State Advocates are the Leave No Trace volunteer coordinators in each state. They are a great resource for finding out about Leave No Trace related programs, trainings and events for your youth or peers. Contact the State Advocate on your state’s community page.

3. Schedule a Subaru/Leave No Trace Team visit:  The Traveling Trainer teams provide outreach to diverse audiences across the country, including school groups, youth-serving organizations and outdoor clubs. Please submit your event request several months in advance using the online calendar and educate youth in your area about Leave No Trace.

4. Be a role model for family and friends:  Use material on our Educational Resources page to educate peers and family members.