Hot Spot

Conundrum Hot Springs Revisit 2018

Aspen, CO

Conundrum Hot Springs was first selected to be a Hot Spot in 2017. Leave No Trace spent a week working with the White River National Forest staff to execute targeted training for agency staff and key volunteers, educating the visiting public and cleaning up the area around the hot springs. The 2017 events were extremely successful and the Aspen-Sopris Ranger District has already increased the implementation of Leave No Trace into their management plans and tactics. In 2018, Leave No Trace returned to continue this work. The overall goal was to continue to expose more visitors to Leave No Trace education and help reinforce the existing efforts to lead Conundrum Hot Springs on the road to recovery. The Leave No Trace team accompanied Wilderness Rangers to the Hot Springs for an overnight to assess the differences since the permit quota system was implemented, as well as held a full day workshop for all Wilderness staff.


As part of the Hot Spot, the Leave No Trace team accompanied rangers from the U.S. Forest Service on an overnight trip to the hot springs. This allowed Leave No Trace staff to make visitor contacts with the rangers, asses the changes from the previous Hot Spot visit and make recommendations for future Leave No Trace efforts. The team also hosted an all-day Leave No Trace and effective communication workshop for seasonal and intern rangers and local trail crew members who would be frequently interacting with the public. This workshop gave participants the skills necessary for effectively communicating minimum impact practices in a way that would help prevent negative impacts at Conundrum Hot Springs.

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