Leave No Trace Blogs

Feb 19, 2016
Sedona, AZ: Desert Travel 101: Don't bust the crust! When traveling off trail in a desert environment in the American southwest you will likely encounter Cryptobiotic soil, or "desert glue". DO NOT Step on it!  Here's why: This fragile living... Read More
Feb 16, 2016
Boulder, CO: The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers, our national mobile education program, are heading your way! The following is a list of training and outreach events they will be attending across the country these next few months. Come... Read More
Feb 13, 2016
Grand Canyon, AZ: Ever wonder if your recreation is 100% Leave No Trace? Below, we walk you through some of the innocent mistakes people commonly make when enjoying the outdoors responsibly. P.S. - If you've been guilty of one of these less than... Read More
Feb 11, 2016
Santa Fe, NM: 10. Wildlife won’t have to forage and hunt for food that is healthy and natural to their diets, so they can now enjoy Cheetos, hot dogs, and marshmallows found in a campsite that didn’t store their food properly. 9. Wildlife like bears... Read More
Feb 07, 2016
Keene Valley, NY: The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers do their best to balance work with play. Fortunately, life on the road offers opportunities for all sorts of adventures. Sometimes these adventures require gear we can't always keep in... Read More
Feb 05, 2016
Hueco, TX: Do you know how to poop in the outdoors? Thanks for watching and remember to be like the Center’s mascot Bigfoot and Leave No Trace. Pat and TJ - Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer West Central Team Leave No Trace’s Pat Beezley... Read More
Feb 01, 2016
Oklahoma City, OK: We love living out of our Subaru Crosstrek XV Hybrid and camping over 250 nights a year, all while teaching people how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly! See how we fit our educational materials, toys and trinkets, plus all of our... Read More
Jan 31, 2016
High Falls, NY: Have you ever wondered why it is alright for bears and other wildlife to poo in the woods but not acceptable for our dogs? A bears diet consists mainly of natural plants and berries, while our pet's waste is considered unnatural. Dog... Read More
Jan 28, 2016
Red River, NM: Learn about the importance of using a reusable water bottles over single use bottles in our latest video.  Thanks for watching and remember to be like the Center’s mascot Bigfoot and Leave No Trace. Pat and TJ - Subaru/Leave No Trace... Read More
Jan 27, 2016
Galt, CA: Sometimes choosing the right path is harder than it seems.  What if there is a BIG puddle in the middle of the trail?  Would you walk through it?  Let's consider, for a minute, the impacts of walking around the puddle and how those impacts... Read More