Leave No Trace Blogs

Mar 19, 2016
Jacksonville, FL: When you head out into the backcountry do you bring along a repair kit? We do, but we always look for ways to cut the weight and bulk out of our packs. Trekking poles offer a perfect place to store a repair kit staple, duct tape.... Read More
Mar 14, 2016
Ocala, FL: Heading out on a trail ride? Check out these Leave No Trace tips before heading out on your adventure! Plan Ahead and Prepare: check with land managers, local bike shops, local cycling groups and www.mtbproject.com for... Read More
Mar 10, 2016
Kernville, CA: Did you know that "bears are proficient at climbing, swimming and running at up to 35mph," according to the American Bear Association. This means that it is very important that we take the steps necessary to minimize our contact with... Read More
Mar 09, 2016
Everglades, FL: At the end of your day's paddle sure to leave what you find by checking the hull of your boat for any invasive species that may be attached. If you see anything, wipe the hull down to help prevent the spread of these hitchhikers from... Read More
Feb 21, 2016
Gibsonia, PA: Did you know that about 85% of all recreation is based in Frontcountry environments? An area that is easily accessible by vehicle and mostly visited by day users. Frontcountry locations tend to attract more visitors than the... Read More
Feb 19, 2016
Sedona, AZ: Desert Travel 101: Don't bust the crust! When traveling off trail in a desert environment in the American southwest you will likely encounter Cryptobiotic soil, or "desert glue". DO NOT Step on it!  Here's why: This fragile living... Read More
Feb 13, 2016
Grand Canyon, AZ: Ever wonder if your recreation is 100% Leave No Trace? Below, we walk you through some of the innocent mistakes people commonly make when enjoying the outdoors responsibly. P.S. - If you've been guilty of one of these less than... Read More
Feb 05, 2016
Hueco, TX: Do you know how to poop in the outdoors? Thanks for watching and remember to be like the Center’s mascot Bigfoot and Leave No Trace. Pat and TJ - Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer West Central Team Leave No Trace’s Pat Beezley... Read More
Jan 31, 2016
High Falls, NY: Have you ever wondered why it is alright for bears and other wildlife to poo in the woods but not acceptable for our dogs? A bears diet consists mainly of natural plants and berries, while our pet's waste is considered unnatural. Dog... Read More
Jan 24, 2016
New Paltz, NY: Would you like to learn about how we can respect wildlife while we are out on the trail by using the thumb trick? It's easy, make a thumbs up, extend your arm all the way, close one eye, and see if you can hide the animal with your... Read More