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Sep 28, 2007
Working for Leave No Trace has innumerable benefits, and for a non-profit, I must admit that our workplace environment is really second to none. However, as I am in a development position, I will gripe about one thing: We do not have a matching... Read More
Sep 26, 2007
Leave No Trace is often blessed with talented individuals who graciously volunteer their skills and time to the Center. Take, for example, one Alicia Brossart. A native of the 'Roughrider State' (who knew that was North Dakota's nickname?), Alicia... Read More
Sep 25, 2007
Smashing sandstone rocks into bits is a very gratifying thing to do, according my son, Oz. Poking at a giant ant hill with a stick, investigating a dead crab on the beach by ripping it to shreds, and damming up a trickling vein of a river are also... Read More
Sep 24, 2007
I definitely do not have a case of the Mondays today. I could not have asked for a better way to start my week. It all began hearing raindrops outside my window, which is my favorite way to wake up. I look outside to a perfect view of the foothills... Read More
Sep 19, 2007
We recently celebrated my son's first birthday on a 3-day river trip on the Colorado River. The 27 mile float from Loma, CO to Westwater, UT is perfect for kids and great for parents alike. Having only been camping once prior to this trip, we weren'... Read More
Sep 18, 2007
In this very complicated world, filled with many "causes," it can be at times discouraging to realize that we are a small piece of a much larger puzzle. As a non-profit, and a small one at that, Leave No Trace has a very unique and specialized... Read More
Sep 15, 2007
Recently, I took my little dog Ernie on a hike to a local hot spot, Mt Sanitas. A popular hiking area in the foothills of Boulder, Sanitas is also a dog haven. Ernie is a spunky, extremely energetic, social dog who loves his hikes. He’s pretty... Read More
Sep 13, 2007
These are a few names that have crossed my path recently, but not by choice. Being called those names didn’t bother me so much, but maybe it didn’t need to be taken to the extreme of labeling me a “Hippie” or “Crazy.” I shave my armpits, wear... Read More
Sep 13, 2007
Two days ago, reflections were made on an ancient Chinese proverb. Upon reading this posting, I was reminded of recent experience with another well known saying, “Preaching to the Choir.” This familiar adage was thrown out to a crowd of 150... Read More
Sep 12, 2007
- Director of Wellness at a North Mississippi Medical Center who is active in her local school system. - 24 charter school students in inner-city LA participating in an experiential environmental studies program.     - Wilderness... Read More