Leave No Trace Blogs

Aug 14, 2018
Long Eddy, NY: Does your walk routine with your furry best friend look something like this? Grab poop bag. Walk dog. Pick up poop. Leave bag on ground because you’ll definitely grab it on the way back. Walk back to... Read More
Aug 13, 2018
Bruceton Mills, WV: Our Traveling Trainers are on the road 11 months out of the year providing Leave No Trace education at events across the country. They talk to a huge variety of people, and as one can imagine, they get asked all... Read More
Aug 09, 2018
Denver, CO: For the first time ever, Outdoor Retailer Summer Market, the outdoor industry’s largest North American tradeshow, was held in Denver. Summer Market is about “buying, sourcing, strategic meetings, trend, education and... Read More
Aug 06, 2018
Bloomington, Indiana: Every three years those members of the Boy Scouts of America who have been inducted into the prestigious Order of the Arrow, which recognizes scouts for their exemplary leadership and service, gather for a week... Read More
Jul 31, 2018
Denver, CO: Researchers from the United States Geological Survey in Colorado published new findings detailing the discovery of pharmaceuticals, hormones, pesticides, and other contaminants in both remote and accessible lakes of Rocky Mountain... Read More
Jul 30, 2018
Boulder, Colorado: It’s another scorching summer, and that local lazy river is looking pretty nice right now. But before you head to the creek with your floats and your friends, here are a few things to keep in mind… ... Read More
Jul 27, 2018
Boulder, Colorado: The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics has partnered with technology giant Google to showcase the Center’s research efforts in Denali, Grand Teton and Yosemite National Parks. View the interactive story on Google... Read More
Jul 22, 2018
The dog days of summer are almost upon us, and that means two things. First, IT’S STILL SUMMER CAMPING SEASON! And, second, it’s HOT. Don’t let the heat keep you from taking advantage of summer weekends – read on for Traveling Trainer tips (we are... Read More
Jul 22, 2018
Littleton, CO: Let's talk about humus.   Humus is the dark organic material in fertile soils, full of microbes that can break down human waste. It's the perfect environment if you need to dig a cathole.   Hummus, on the... Read More
Jul 21, 2018
Mount Shasta, CA: Toilet paper on the sides of trails or in camp areas can certainly ruin your day. Visitors often recreate to experience an aloneness in the outdoors and nothing ruins that feeling of being away from others quite like seeing the... Read More