Leave No Trace Blogs

Oct 08, 2015
Laredo, TX – Over 350 students from 12 different high schools in Laredo, Texas gathered at the 6th Annual Laredo Environmental Summit. The summit focused on bringing the community together to identify and find sustainable solutions to Laredo’s... Read More
Oct 05, 2015
La Crosse, WI: Trying to squeeze in one last roadtrip before winter hits?  Pushing through your fall semester of college but find yourself distracted and preoccupied reading blogs like, “Top Ten Places to Visit this Summer”?  Do you call up your... Read More
Oct 03, 2015
Catawba, VA: A crisp breeze slices through the air, and puddles fill spaces in the uneven ground as the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers wrap-up a week of 20 Leave No Trace Awareness Workshops, each a part of the McAfee Knob Hot Spot week.... Read More
Oct 03, 2015
Yosemite National Park, CA: Check out part two of our camping considerations for ladies only! Click here if you missed Part 1.  5.     Frustrated that your male counterpart can pee standing up? Zap the jealousy and keep your dignity with Go Girl!... Read More
Oct 02, 2015
With numbers of backcountry visitors increasing each year, REI's experts want you to brush up on your 7 principles knowledge!  Read the full article here. 
Sep 29, 2015
Oskaloosa, KS: Jay Stires has been bringing Leave No Trace education to the Heartland for the last five years as the Leave No Trace Kansas state advocate. Jay is an exceptional person that not only cares about the outdoors, but also wants to share... Read More
Sep 28, 2015
Yosemite National Park, CA: So you like to get outside? And you’re female. Here are some considerations for how to feel clean and happy on the trail. 1.     Learn the hard skills. This is a no brainer. By continuing to build your outdoor education... Read More
Sep 28, 2015
Chicago, IL— Did you know that 30% of all the garbage produced in the world comes from the United States?  That’s an incredible amount considering that we have less than 5%  of the entire worlds population living here.  With 40% of our rivers... Read More
Sep 23, 2015
Bigfoot is our mascot because he has been Leaving No Trace for years. See what happens when he leaves the woods and helps out at the Leave No Trace offices in Boulder, CO. Thanks for watching and remember to be like the Center’s mascot Bigfoot and... Read More
Sep 19, 2015
Whidbey Island, WA: In preparation for attending the Yosemite Facelift clean up we did a little bear research, which inspired us to get the message out about respecting wildlife. Below is digital flip book you can use to refresh yourself on the... Read More