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Feb 17, 2008
A few weeks ago I wrote about how important it is to embrace the winter and enjoy all that the glorious season has to offer. As I glare out the window on the gloomy day, little trickles of grey (not white) flakes beginning to dot the sky, I start... Read More
Feb 15, 2008
This week, I am watching the dog of a colleague. His name is Otter. He is a very large lab, standing at about my hip height. He could probably pull my car if given a harness and a towrope. He loves to lick, loves to cuddle at my feet, and always... Read More
Feb 14, 2008
In the seven years I've been with the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, I've provided outreach, education and training to thousands of people all across the U.S. and in many countries around the globe. While on the road, I'm constantly... Read More
Feb 13, 2008
I recently had the pleasure of participating in my first ever winter hut trip.  A fairly experienced (in-bounds) telemark skier, I jumped at the invitation of a friend to join a group of experienced backcountry skiers on a backcountry hut trip to... Read More
Feb 12, 2008
Earlier this month, I attended the Shot Show, a trade show of more than 30,000 manufacturers, trade reps, retailers and media for the biggest shooting, hunting and outdoor trade show in the country. Various meetings are hosted during the show by the... Read More
Feb 08, 2008
Over the past week, I have been helping the Center to research a list of websites on the internet about sustainability and "going green."  Throughout my online searches I came across this ecological footprint quiz.       I try my best to... Read More
Feb 07, 2008
Are you a Master Educator, Trainer, a dedicated volunteer or any combination of the three? Well, if you answered yes, we want to hear your story. The first ten people who comment to this blog will receive some Leave No Trace swag. Here are some... Read More
Feb 05, 2008
A week ago, I had the opportunity to participate in the Denver Area Youth Collaborative Expo at the REI store in Denver.   The Denver Area Youth Collaborative (DAYC) is a "resource for youth serving outdoor sports and recreation service... Read More
Feb 04, 2008
Our brand new guide is here!  Full of activities designed to help teach and share the value and importance of Leave No Trace principles with the young and old alike.  Each activity is neatly organized under one of the seven principles or general... Read More
Feb 03, 2008
Yesterday in the Leave No Trace office we wrapped up a series of interviews to hire the new 2008 Traveling Trainer teams. No easy feat as it takes half the staff and a fair bit of time to find the best candidates for the job. As I reflect on the... Read More