Your Project is Granted

San Francisco, CA.  What would you do with $500 and 100 water bottles? How does a share of $12,500 to put towards programs that will increase participation in the outdoors sound? Could you use $2,500 to put towards programs that increase participation in paddle sports?  All of these possibilities exist for you!

Outdoor Nation, a non-profit founded by a community of Outsiders dedicated to reconnecting millennials with the outdoors, hosts Summits around the country, award grants for outstanding project ideas, lead outdoor outings, work with youth, and connect others like us - all in an effort to mobilize a movement to get a generation outside.  

Do you have an idea for connecting youth and young adults to the outdoors? If so, Outdoor Nation wants to hear about it. Outdoor Nation and its partners, like The North Face and REI, provide seed grants to millennial leaders and organizations that work to get youth and young adults outside.  Whether you want to start an outdoor club, organize a service project, start a mentoring program or film a documentary, Outdoor Nation is investing in the most innovative, inspired ideas that make a real difference.  

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This past weekend, Team West joined Outdoor Nation in San Francisco to mentor more than 100 participants from the Bay Area that worked to develop projects that would increase participation in the outdoors.  Many projects were created and five projects were funded with $1,000 each.  What would you do with $1,000?

There are many grants available out there just waiting for inspired people to snatch them up and create successful programs that will get more people outside.  Check out the Outdoor Nation website to learn more about the grants that are available.  Remember, if you are introducing someone to the outdoors, teach them about Leave No Trace so that they can protect the places they play!  

Respect the Resource...Kate and Tracy