This past weekend we traveled to Hutchinson, Kansas to work with the Quivera Council Encampment. The Encampment was held at the Kansas State Fairgrounds and had over 5,000 Boy Scouts and leaders in attendance. The Encampment was made possible by the large amount of volunteers that helped staff the event.  When we think about Leave No Trace’s efforts to teach and connect people to the outdoors, we cannot help but think abut how vital volunteers are to the Center’s Mission.

Leave No Trace’s Mission Statement:

The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics teaches people how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly. The Center achieves its mission through education, research, partnerships and volunteerism.

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We had a chance to meet with and work with three volunteers for both the Boy Scouts and Leave No Trace; Sidna Small, Dave Miller, and Becky Miller.  Sidna Small has been involved with the Boy Scouts since her two sons joined the Scouts and then worked their way up to the rank of Eagle Scout. Sidna volunteers her time managing Jamborees and arranging and teaching Leave No Trace training for the Scouts. Dave and his daughter Becky, are active teaching Leave No Trace skills to scouts and have an impressive tool bag of educational materials that inspire the next generation of people to care for the outdoors. Sidna, Dave, and Becky set up three tables at the Encampment with different ways to have a minimum impact fire, how long trash lasts for, and what surfaces are durable and what surfaces are not durable. 

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Sidna, Dave, and Becky are three excellent volunteers that help Leave No Trace meet its’ mission of promoting people to get outside and enjoy the outdoors responsibly.  Thanks to all of the thousands of volunteers that will help the Center in 2013 to increase its’ number of trainers to 3,600 more leaders. These new leaders will then teach to 486,000 children and adults. The Center’s current 25,000 volunteers will reach 3.4 million people in 2013. For more information on volunteering go to our volunteering webpage.

Special thanks to Sidna Small, Dave Miller, and Becky Miller. Thanks for reading and remember to be like Bigfoot!

Pat and TJ