A Topic Worth Revisiting ...

A hot topic at several conferences I have attending this year and that also is the buzz in the outdoor industry is the issue of kids connection to the outdoors – or lack of connection to the outdoors. “Nature deficit disorder” is the term Richard Louv uses in his book, Last Child in the Woods. Many groups and individuals are working to tackle the issue including the Conservation Fund’s National Forum on Children and Nature , an assortment of groups that includes government, media and corporate partners. 

While I couldn’t agree more that this is an important issue, I also believe as efforts brew to get more kids active in the outdoors, it is imperative that an outdoor ethic message also be interwoven effectively in all efforts. What better time to introduce Leave No Trace to kids who are first experiencing the outdoors? What better opportunity to help shape these malleable value systems and help build leaders with the outdoor code of ethics we’re working so hard to foster? This is an issue we will actively pursue - more about this subject in the near future.