Take That Poop To Go

Las Cruces, NM - Packing out our human waste can be play a critical role in protecting sensitive environments. Using human waste disposal bags is recommended when the soil is too hard, or even too sensitive (think desert and tundra soils) to dig a cat hole, or when you can't get 200 feet away from water to adequately protect that water from contamination. Land managers are more frequently beginning to require the use of human waste bags to minimize sanitation and environmental impacts in high use areas. Learn how to use one of the many human waste bags on the market by watching the short video below, or keep scrolling for a few frequently asked questions:

Where can I get one?

Human waste bags like the Restop 1 and 2, GO Anywhere bag, and the Biffy Bag are available in the Leave No Trace online store, at many local outfitters, and sometimes even at your local trailhead or land manager's office. Often times the cost is kept to an average of around three dollars to ensure that cost isn't a factor in practicing Leave No Trace. Some agencies even provide these bags for free! 

Are they single use?

This is totally up to your comfort level. Not all folks are going to be okay with re-opening the bag for another use. In that case, be sure to plan ahead and prepare by bringing extra human waste bags on your trip.

What about the impact of plastic in the landfill?

This is a great ethical question. In some cases it may be a fair ethical trade-off to send a human waste bag to the landfill in exchange for protecting our increasingly sensitive wild places. The green, inner bag of the Biffy Bag is biodegradable and can be removed from the outer bag and disposed of separately. Other human waste bag companies are also working on biodegradable plastics as we type! 


Enjoy your world. Leave No Trace. 

Leave No Trace’s Donielle Stevens and Aaron Hussmann are part of the 2016 Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer Program that provides free, mobile education to communities across the country. Proud partners of this program include Subaru of America, REI, Fjall Raven, ENO, Deuter, Thule, and SmartWool.