Plant a Seed

As a Traveling Trainer, there are times when certain factors present themselves that keep us on our toes. Sometimes last minute changes to events are made and we have to think quickly in order to adapt to the unfolding situation. In other words, events don't always go as smooth as we would like! 

The Subaru Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers journey across the country and provide hands-on educational workshops and trainings to youth serving organizations, college students, outdoor guides, land management staff and the general public. It is safe to say that each visit is unique and we never know how a workshop is going to go. More often than not, each event is a blast! But every once in a while, an event will provoke a challenge. Whether it be as simple as a change in time and place or more complex like a few students at your workshop will not pay attention to anything you say. Being a teacher can be difficult and frustrating from time to time. This should not be a shocking fact - life is continuously changing and teaching is an unpredictable journey. 
Being a trainer is about being consistent, dependable and fair, no matter what the situation turns out to be. It is our job is to educate - to teach others how to protect the places we love to visit, to maintain the places we go everyday, and inspire lifelong stewards who will continue to pass along the message of the Seven Leave No Trace Principles. 
It's better to laugh at life's unexpectedness than to stress about it. Even though our time frame may have been cut short at an event and we did not get to cover all the key points, those students now know more about minimum impact skills then they knew before. Some days are challenging as a Traveling Trainer, but each event always provides a great story to tell and at the end of the day we know we planted a vital educational seed. 
Ninjas for Nature - Dani and Roland