Parks in Crisis: A Critical Time for Leave No Trace

You can make a big difference as U.S. parks and protected areas cope with the devastating and lasting effects of the recent partial government shutdown. Nine out of 10 visitors to parks and protected areas lack the skills and education needed to protect nature. Leave No Trace offers a simple, easily understood platform that has helped millions of people learn how to protect and respect the outdoors. Read more about steps you can take.  

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The shutdown provided a revealing snapshot of the recreation impacts that effect national parks and other federally managed lands. We all heard the stories about parks overflowing with litter and garbage, illicit off-roading and human waste defiling America's most cherished landscapes. Without the federal employees that usually remove trash and clean bathroom facilities it became glaringly obvious that too many park visitors simply don't know how to protect public lands.

Even when park employees are on duty, it is still incumbent on all of us to reduce our impacts in the outdoors. The effort to educate people of all ages, but especially youth, about what it means to Leave No Trace has never been more important. Imagine how much better things would have been during the shutdown if the majority of park visitors had been educated in Leave No Trace.


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