Mines & Pines


In an area once dominated by mine pits, the Leave No Trace e-tour team visited with an inspired and inspiring group of high school students to talk about Leave No Trace, protecting the outdoors, and really making an impact in your community. Along with the S.A.L.T., or Service Adventure Learning Team, from Crosby-Ironton High Shool, we headed out on a "Mines & Pines" event where we camped, talked about issues the students cared about, and got to enjoy some great outdoor recreation. Not content to simply master the skills of Leave No Trace, these students approach both their peers at school as well as participate with local elementary schools to really get the word out! We were impressed by their dedication, commitment, and enthusiasm for all things Leave No Trace! While working with them, we took conversations to higher levels and focused on those tough discussions with peers who don't understand the implications of their actions and the impacts that they can personally be responsible for. Then we hit the water for a morning full of canoeing and an afternoon spent on some world-class mountain biking trail! An awesome event with a truly awesome group!


While in Cayuna Country, we also got to witness and participate in the Minnesota Fishing Opener! Two weekends before Memorial Day each year, the open season for fishing walleye kicks off in style. The lakes were full of fisherman eager to get one on the hook, and we grabbed our rod and reel to join them. Without much luck in the fishing department, we had a great paddle and enjoyed spending the day on clear, springfed mine lakes. It was great to see all the fishermen and mountain bikers out at the same time, appreciating different parts of the country, and protecting a recreation area they could both enjoy at the same time. A great time in Cayuna Country!


Keep it SALTy,

Quinn & Frank