Leave No Trace Blogs

Feb 14, 2018
The Resource is a free monthly e-newsletter — sign up for it today!  Since it’s Valentine’s Day, we thought we’d share one of our staff’s best “Leave No Trace Cringe Date” stories — enjoy! “Just prior to our first date,... Read More
Feb 12, 2018
Cathedral City, California: In what may have been our bravest move of the year, each of us independently came up with a short-list of five road life tips when traveling and working full-time with your partner, in honor of... Read More
Feb 11, 2018
Page, AZ: So it's February. You've had a month to settle in to your New Year's Resolutions - and while they could be going great, some of us have inevitably done a bit of backsliding over the last month. Life has a way of getting in... Read More
Feb 07, 2018
Joshua Tree, CA: Do you or someone you know suffer from FOPO? Fear of packing out your toilet paper can be serious condition, but there are easy and effective ways of overcoming this challenge. Even if you don’t suffer from FOPO,... Read More
Feb 06, 2018
Boulder: CO: There’s been some discussion lately regarding the use, and potential consequences, of social media as a means to share, and in some cases to popularize, natural areas. This is an issue that the Leave No Trace Center for... Read More
Feb 06, 2018
Boulder, CO: This year Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics was the proud recipient of the Outdoor Inspiration Awards' Non-Profit of the Year. An outdoor community event, the Inspiration Awards champion individuals, groups, and... Read More
Feb 01, 2018
Pensacola Beach, FL: January gave us the opportunity to be on the beach for a while, and we've discovered that the beach in winter is one of our favorite places to be. While we traded in our bathing suits and... Read More
Jan 28, 2018
South Lake Tahoe, CA: We’ve been on the road as Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers for 625 days. In that time, we’ve traveled the Western United States, conducted hundreds of events, reached millions of people with the Leave... Read More
Jan 28, 2018
Saranac Lake, NY: It’s the middle of a cold winter in much of the country. Here in New York, we have experienced mind-numbing cold, almost too cold to get outdoors while witnessing extreme temperatures down to -25ºF. With... Read More
Jan 20, 2018
Galt, CA: Litter in the outdoors poses a threat to wildlife who may ingest the trash we leave behind. When litter breaks down it leeches chemicals into the surrounding environment, which negatively impacts nearby vegetation and could contaminate... Read More