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Apr 27, 2011
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puPjqEqHgio] The number one reason for species extinction worldwide is due to habitat loss. The number two reason is the spread of invasive species. Invasive species are non-indigenous species (e.g. plants... Read More
Apr 25, 2011
Leave No Trace – Be ready to get muddy! What effect does a footstep have? The answer is, it depends. A footstep means different things to a tree sapling and meadow grass, to leaf litter and cryptobiotic soil, to a gravely riverbank and muddy... Read More
Apr 20, 2011
This is an article written by Suz Lipman, Social Media Director of the Children & Nature Network. We just reserved our tickets for the Seattle talk on May 12th. We are so excited! Richard Louv will be coming to Denver on June 7th... Read More
Apr 04, 2011
  San Luis Obispo, CA Walking down the beaches of San Luis Obispo County, one can't deny the beauty that surrounds them. With the clear blue-greens of the ocean dancing and flirting with the rays of sunshine, the sweet salty air lifts your... Read More
Apr 01, 2011
PRESS RELEASE – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE U.S. Parks Service Announces All Trails To Be Paved By 2015 Washington, D.C. - April 1, 2011 A spokesperson for the U.S. Parks Service announced a new plan today to minimize the impacts of millions of... Read More
Feb 22, 2011
Since leaving Boulder a few weeks ago, we have been asked numerous times a common question: "Is it really that big of a deal if I toss a banana peel out the car window, or leave my orange peels under a rock while on a hike?" As an organization, we... Read More
Feb 09, 2011
My friend Emily recently visited Kathmandu, Nepal and the Khumbu Valley at the base of Mt. Everest as part of an expedition for The North Face. Herself, along with TNF athletes Matt Segal and Cedar Wright went to the Khumbu Climbing School to... Read More
Dec 20, 2010
Thanks to all of you who posted comments on our recent Facebook question: Is it ever OK to burn trash in your campfire? Why or why not? How many of us have seen a trashed fire ring? Trash begets trash. It's just a fact. Ideally, all trash should... Read More
Dec 06, 2010
Thanks to all of you who posted comments on our recent Facebook question: Which area of your camp receives the most use –sleeping area or kitchen? Generally speaking, the camp kitchen receives more impact than sleeping areas. While there are... Read More
Nov 22, 2010
Taking a lunch break off the trail, on a durable surface (being careful about water impacts) in the High Peaks Wilderness, Adirondack Park, NY. Photo Credit - Ben Lawhon   Thanks to all of you who posted comments on our recent Facebook... Read More