Leave No Trace Blogs

Aug 31, 2018
Boulder, CO: Enjoy this 96-second look at the things that make us thankful for #LeaveNoTrace. 
Aug 30, 2018
Santa Fe, NM: Over 100 years ago, President Theodore Roosevelt established the U.S. Forest Service to manage what would become America’s 193-million acre national forests and grasslands for the benefit of all Americans. Today, that... Read More
Aug 30, 2018
Seattle, WA: Calling all geocachers! It’s time to Cache In, Trash Out (CITO). Twice a year, Geocaching highlights worldwide CITO cleanup events, where geocachers can give back to the trails and protected lands they love to explore... Read More
Aug 19, 2018
Georgetown, Colorado:  Traveling trainers are always talking about their cars. But today, we want to talk about the other type of carr.  A carr is a variety of wetland characterized by low woody plants like willows and... Read More
Aug 16, 2018
Boulder, CO: Wednesday, August 29, Boulder Theatre, 6-9 PM 11 Short Films Celebrating Women Adventurers   Join nonprofit Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics for "No Man's Land" — eleven documentary short films about female... Read More
Aug 15, 2018
Aspen, CO: Imagine a cross between a frat party and a Phish concert. Now drop that scene onto a high alpine basin with a small hot springs pool and you’ve got an idea of the trouble that was facing Conundrum Hot Springs until... Read More
Aug 14, 2018
Long Eddy, NY: Does your walk routine with your furry best friend look something like this? Grab poop bag. Walk dog. Pick up poop. Leave bag on ground because you’ll definitely grab it on the way back. Walk back to... Read More
Aug 06, 2018
Bloomington, Indiana: Every three years those members of the Boy Scouts of America who have been inducted into the prestigious Order of the Arrow, which recognizes scouts for their exemplary leadership and service, gather for a week... Read More
Jul 31, 2018
Denver, CO: Researchers from the United States Geological Survey in Colorado published new findings detailing the discovery of pharmaceuticals, hormones, pesticides, and other contaminants in both remote and accessible lakes of Rocky Mountain... Read More
Jul 30, 2018
Boulder, Colorado: It’s another scorching summer, and that local lazy river is looking pretty nice right now. But before you head to the creek with your floats and your friends, here are a few things to keep in mind… ... Read More