A Leave No Trace Independence Day

Denver, CO: Just as July is one of the biggest months for outdoor recreation in the United States, Independence Day is arguably the biggest holiday nationwide. It's a time meant for food, fun, family, and fireworks. For a lot of people, this means heading outside to celebrate - whether that's with a trip to the top of a mountain to watch the fireworks or a trip to the local park to grill up a meal. Take care of your outdoor spaces this 4th of July by following these Leave No Trace tips all day long: 

American Flags on the ShoreMorning Readiness
Make sure you’re ready for the day by planning for your activity. Does the weather call for sunglasses and sunscreen, or umbrellas and rain jackets? Did you remember your reusable water bottles and bug spray, alongside your dish for the potluck? The more prepared you are beforehand, the less distracted you’ll be from the fun of the holiday.

Play the Day Away
Whether you’re at a public parade in town or hiking to a backcountry hot springs, there’s one aspect of being outdoors we can rarely escape: finding trash that others have left behind. Turn finding trash into a game by counting picked-up pieces as points. See who has the most points by the end of the day, and make sure that any trash you find and create makes it to a trash can, too.

Light up the Night
Fireworks are an unforgettable part of any 4th of July celebrations. If you want to set off fireworks of your own, be sure that there are no burn restrictions in effect and that the rules and regulations in your area allow you to do so. If you've got the go-ahead, make sure that you have a large enough open area to accommodate the fireworks you've chosen, so you're not chasing errant fireworks off into the brush or a neighbor's yard. Have water on hand to douse any wayward sparks, as well as a first aid kit to treat any minor burns that occur. A flashlight or headlamp will also help you find any trash your fireworks produce, so you can dispose of them properly.

On days where everyone's looking to enjoy the freedom that the outdoors provides, we want YOU to lead by example and Leave No Trace, wherever you revel. Have fun and stay safe this summer, and Enjoy Your World!

Amanda and Junaid, Team East Central

Leave No Trace's Amanda Jameson and Junaid Dawud are part of the 2017 Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer Program that provides free, mobile education to communities across the country. Proud partners of this program include Subaru of America, REI, Eagles Nest Outfitters, Deuter, Thule, Klean Kanteen, and Smartwool.