Fall Hiking in the Wasatch Mountains

Twin Peaks Wilderness, UT.  This weekend Team West visited former Traveling Trainer team, Jason and Agata, in Salt Lake City.  There is no better place to have a Traveling Trainer reunion than on the trail.  The four of us traveled up the Big Cottonwood Canyon to the Lake Blanche trailhead.  Upon arrival, we were pleased to see signage at the kiosk educating visitors about Leave No Trace practices.  Yes, we do see signage at many trailheads, but here we were impressed by what the signage told visitors.  Not only did the signage give suggestions on how to leave no trace, it also provided the why behind the suggested practice.  In general, people want to do the right thing, they just may not know what that is.  Here, visitors receive that information.  

For example:  What Can You Do!  Use a Camp Stoves When Camping

Why It Matters:  Stoves leave no trace of cooking activity.  Stoves are fast, operate in almost any weather condition, and they eliminate firewood availability as a campsite concern.  

When people have information to back up why certain recommendations or regulations are in place, it is more likely that they will oblige to that practice.  Better educated outdoor recreationists will be more likely to leave less of a trace!  

We had such a lovely hike in the Wastach Mountains.  The foliage was vibrant, the sun warmed us as we sat and enjoyed Lake Blanche, and the views were remarkable.  Fall is a wonderful time to go outside and explore.  Enjoy this photo slideshow from our hike.  


Respect the Resource...Kate and Tracy