Creating Better Stories in 2013

What adventures are you looking forward to in 2013? A week spent backpacking in the Grand Tetons in Wyoming? Exploring all of the beautiful places in your own backyard? Rafting the great canyons of the west? Trail running in the Adirondacks in New York? Walking your dog at the local park?


As Team West of the Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers gear up for the coming year of travels and adventure we are taking a minute to stop and think about how we can make this year the best year of our lives. We’re using the first principle of Leave No Trace: Plan Ahead and Prepare, to make sure that we take full advantage of the year ahead. We believe that living an examined life allows us to create a good story with the time we’re given here on Earth.  We believe that life is about a journey, about transformation while we learn to live more harmoniously with the people in our lives and the earth we live on. We sat down and explored ways to leave less of a mark on the land and instead how the land could leave more of a mark on us; on who we are and how we engage with the earth that we are so intricately connected with.

The Seven Leave No Trace Principles are a great way to minimize the impact we have when we recreate outside, but how can we take these principles and integrate them into other aspects of our lives? Dani and I are trying to think outside the box and find fun ways to be on purpose with the lives we lead and create a more sustainable and healthy community and planet in the process. Here are a few thoughts on how we’re trying to meld Leave No Trace into our everyday activities.

Plan Ahead and Prepare: Creating goals that lead to action which drive us to tell a better story with our lives, a story where we work to move forward and live a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

Choose The Right Path: Are we taking steps to living more on purpose? Focusing on using our legs more. Riding our bikes or walking to the grocery store, carpooling or taking public transportation to and from work. Walking the dog or taking a run more often at our local park.

Dispose of Waste Properly: Thinking about how we can be more conscious of the amount of trash we donate to the landfill and how much of that we can divert to be recycled. We are doing small things like keeping a handkerchief in our pocket during the winter for runny noses, carrying our own cloth napkins as well as reusable bamboo silverware for eating out. 

Leave What You Find: Leaving what you find in the department store…. in the department store, instead buying second hand or sharing within our communities. Focusing on simplifying our lives by reducing the amount of things we purchase that we don’t need, recycling what we can, repairing our things instead of throwing them out and buying something new, and re-purposing things instead of tossing them out.

Be Considerate of Others: A rule to live by if you ask us. Being considerate of others benefits everyone and creates a more enjoyable environment for all. Creating quality relationships with those around us and doing simple things like putting away the electronics at the dinner table.    

Whether you’re planning a trip of a lifetime or just getting outside more to walk around your local park, we can all focus on leaving less of an impact not only when we play outside but as we carry on creating our stories. How will you Leave No Trace this year? 

Ninjas for Nature - dani and roland