The Coleman Company

The Coleman Company, Inc. is a proud partner of the Subaru/ Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers.  Coleman is not only an advocate for getting people outdoors, but also an advocate for enjoying the outdoors responsibly. Along with being a partner with Leave No Trace, they are an advocate and partner for the Appalachian Mountain Club. The partnership we have with Coleman helps the Traveling Trainers to spread the Leave No Trace Message all over the country.      

Coleman not only supports the Center, but also develops gear that can help people to follow the 7 Leave No Trace Principles when they are outside. Coleman provides everything you could need to prepare for bad weather, emergencies, and temperature change. Some examples of gear that falls under the Plan Ahead and Prepare principle are first aid kits, emergency blankets, compasses, rain gear, cold weather clothing, and lanterns. Their boots allow you to stay in the middle of muddy trails and their freestanding tents allow you to place a tent on durable surfaces. From portable toilets to personal hygiene products, Coleman has a wide variety of options that help keep waste from getting into streams and away from campsites. In order to minimize campfire impacts Coleman makes several varieties of either lightweight backpacking stoves or large two burner car camping stoves. Lastly, Coleman provides binoculars to view wildlife from a distance.

Coleman helps us to travel the country, teaching people how to enjoy the outdoor responsibly and promote more people to get outside. As Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers we rely on their stoves, coolers, camp kitchen accessories, tents, sleeping bags, and lanterns.


We want to thank the Coleman store in Castle Rock, Colorado for outfitting us for life on the road.

Remember to be like Bigfoot and Leave No Trace!

Pat and TJ