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Sep 25, 2012
Twin Peaks Wilderness, UT.  This weekend Team West visited former Traveling Trainer team, Jason and Agata, in Salt Lake City.  There is no better place to have a Traveling Trainer reunion than on the trail.  The four of us traveled up the Big... Read More
Sep 17, 2012
Longmont, CO.  Team West spent last Friday at Flagstaff Academy in Longmont, CO, working with the 8th graders as they prepare to spend three days at Pingree Park in Fort Collins this week.  Flagstaff Academy is a charter school that strives to ... Read More
Aug 30, 2012
Each year thousands of school children are introduced to Leave No Trace in the classroom. From a short introductory activity to a full day spent outdoors, youth across the country are learning how they can become stewards of the outdoor spaces they... Read More
Aug 30, 2012
  The Situation:  You have just reached the summit of your favorite local mountain.  Shortly after, a group also reaches the summit.  One of the people in the group lights a cigarette, and when finished, throws the cigarette butt on... Read More
Aug 30, 2012
In 2011, a YMCA counselor in Bellevue, Washington contacted the Center stating that she was the sponsor students at Interlake High School. The teens wanted to start a Leave No Trace Club.  Thus, the first Leave No Trace Club was established as a... Read More
Aug 24, 2012
The Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers are conducting the following training events across the country in September. For more information about these or to attend, visit the event calendar. We hope to see you on the road! California:... Read More
Aug 20, 2012
Estacada, OR.  Have you ever wanted to go camping, but never had the opportunity or not sure if you want to invest money into a tent, sleeping gear, and other equipment?  Well, Oregon Parks and Recreation has the solution for you! Families from... Read More
Aug 13, 2012
Albany, OR.  Whenever anything reaches 100 years of age, that is cause for celebration. That is exactly what the Girl Scouts of Oregon and SW Washington did over the past week to honor 100 years of rich tradition. During the week, hundreds of girls... Read More
Aug 13, 2012
How much do you like biking? Enough to ride your road bike for 24 hours straight? Maybe trading off with a few of your friends, clocking 500 miles across lap after lap on a two-mile track? What about if it's for a good cause? That's exactly what... Read More
Aug 07, 2012
Once every two to three years, over 8,000 members of the Boy Scouts of America descend on a college campus for the week-long National Order of the Arrow Conference, or NOAC. These Scouts are all members of the Order of the Arrow, Scouting's national... Read More