Leave No Trace Blogs

Aug 27, 2017
Boulder, CO: Planning an overnight backcountry trip and not sure where to start? Or just want to make sure you’re minimizing your impacts in the backcountry? Either way, check out the video below for pro tips on what to do before... Read More
Aug 17, 2017
Boulder, CO: Scientific research is increasingly demonstrating what many of us have known for years - time spent in nature is an overwhelmingly restorative experience. The mounting body of evidence continues to show that time spent... Read More
Aug 16, 2017
Franconia Notch, NH: This unique environment is home to hundreds of species of plants, insects, lichens, and wildlife. The organisms living here are only found in this elevation and environment, making them incredibly rare. When... Read More
Aug 13, 2017
Boulder, Colorado: Are you ready for the 2017 Solar Eclipse Across America? Check out our video and blog below for tips on preparing for this historic event!  1. Know before you go: With over seven million people... Read More
Aug 12, 2017
Indianapolis, IN: As children get older, they seek out ways to assert their independence: taking responsibility for different parts of their lives, consulting friends rather than parents for advice, and, sometimes, taking the easy... Read More
Aug 10, 2017
Boulder, CO: We believe Leave No Trace should be part of every child’s educational experience. In fact, that’s the motivation behind our Leave No Trace for Every Kid initiative. While the Traveling Trainers reach thousands of kids... Read More
Aug 09, 2017
Boulder, CO: The U.S. system of national parks has been called America's “best idea.” There’s no doubt about their popularity—overall visits continue to grow strongly. For all the success of that national parks enjoy, however, state parks see more... Read More
Aug 06, 2017
Lyons, CO:  RockyGrass is a three day long festival filled with music, food and drink, arts and crafts, relaxation and fun diversions. Also, let's not forget tubing the river and campsite pickin' gatherings! RockyGrass is always... Read More
Aug 03, 2017
Boulder, Colorado: From its chiseled, thru-hiking calves to its swollen rock-climbing forearms, the U.S. outdoor industry has been flexing its muscles lately. According to the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA), a trade organization... Read More
Aug 02, 2017
Lake Placid, NY: There is nothing more annoying than being witness to the impacts we despise most. For some, rock stacks and cairns fall into this precarious category. Building rock stacks can have serious ecological impacts.... Read More