APRIL FOOL'S! New Cathole Depth Requirement Announced [NOT REALLY!]


Boulder, Colorado:  The Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics, a leading provider of outdoor education resources, today announces new guidelines for digging catholes. While creating a cathole remains an ecologically sound technique for dealing with solid waste in outdoor settings, recent research shows that the previous recommendation for the depth of a cathole may be insufficient in some biomes. 

New Cathole Requirements.jpg

Photo: In accordance with Principle 3, make sure that your cathole depth is adequate. 

In many cases, the previous standard of digging a cathole 4- to 6-inches (102 to 152 millimeters) deep will achieve the goal of removing the waste from the landscape and allowing it to decompose in the soil, However, recent studies indicate that a greater depth, between 48 and 72 inches (1219 to 1829 millimeters), is more effective.

For example, in locations where geysers or other sub-strata eruptions are common, the increased cathole depth results in greater soil stability, making it far less likely that deposits will be dislodged, or even sent airborne. 

The Center is not advising people to search out their previous cathole locations and excavate them—at least not until additional research is conducted.

Look for updates in upcoming weeks, and enjoy your April 1 celebrations.