8 Tips to Leave No Trace with your Dog

Many of us enjoy bringing our pets to our local city, county, and state parks.  However, it’s important to recognize some of the specific impacts associated with pets in the outdoors. 

Below are a few simple tips to help keep your pet and wild animals safe while ensuring an enjoyable recreation experience for all visitors.


  1. Appreciate the natural and cultural resources of the park. Keep your pet from digging in any area of the park or historic site, and out of any buildings.
  2. Enjoy your pet's company but remember that not everyone is comfortable around them. Keep your pet leashed and under control.
  3. Enjoy water recreation but remember, the water isn’t a bathtub for your pet. Keep them away from swimming areas and beaches.
  4. Keep your pet with you. Leaving it unattended is no fun for the pet or nearby visitors.
  5. Make sure your pet has plenty of water and food.
  6. Leave no waste behind for the next visitor to find. Bring your own bags to pick up your pet's waste. Ask about waste bag dispensers and the location of trash dumpsters.
  7. Respect the natural habitat of wildlife by keeping your pet at a safe distance.
  8. Enjoy all the benefits of the outdoors and keep pet noise to a minimum for the benefit of other visitors.