Staff Training

Train your staff in Leave No Trace and better position them to teach youth about the WHAT & WHY behind the Leave No Trace Seven Principles. Effective Leave No Trace education invites and empowers youth participants to help protect the outdoors. Staff are essential to this effective education. Help your staff be the best Leave No Trace educators possible!

Program Specific Principles for Staff

Engage staff in a great activity offering a discussion about what the Seven Principles mean to them, and specifically in the context of their workplace.

Camp Map

Engage staff in an activity that challenges their perceptions about where Leave No Trace can be taught on camp, at school or in other outdoor program property sites.

Skills Video Library

Our Skills Video Library on YouTube covers a myriad of hard skills associated with minimizing our impacts in the outdoors. These videos can serve as professional development for staff as well as give them ideas for educating youth participants on these topics.

Let’s protect and enjoy our natural world together

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