Leave No Trace In The News

Leave No Trace Traveling Trainers Kate and Tracy educated outdoor enthusiasts in the Tri-Lakes area with free workshops and activities.

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The Sacramento Bee shares the Leave No Trace press release on the Goblin Valley State Park incident.


Through the PR Newswire, the Denver Post released the Leave No Trace statements regarding the incidents in Goblin Valley, Utah.

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Traveling Trainers Pat and TJ teach UW - La Crosse students about Leave No Trace principles.

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In high-use campsites, digging "catholes" no longer cuts it

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Not even feathers are allowed at the festival - making Burning Man one of the largest festivals supporting Leave No Trace principles.

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The ActionHub gets the scoop on life as a Traveling Trainer with Dani and Roland.

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The Examiner shares with readers the importance of the Seven Principles of Leave No Trace!

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Leave No Trace Educations Programs Coordinator, Jason Grubb, describes the online P.E.A.K. program for partner, Trailspace Outdoor Gear Community.

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Ben Lawhon, the Education Director of Leave No Trace, shares with South Dakota Public Broadcasting the meaning of outdoor ethics.

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