Will hanging my food in the Sierra's provide sufficient protection from bears?

Generally speaking, no. Bears in the Sierra’s (and other places) are quite crafty and have managed to obtain food from even the best bear bag hang. In many locations, bear-proof canisters are required by the land management agencies and should be used at all times to store food, trash and “smellables” such as sunscreen, bug repellent, toothpaste, etc. when in the backcountry. It is strongly recommended that you practice packing your food and smellables into the bear canister before your trip to ensure everything will fit. You don’t want to find out at your campsite that you don’t have room for everything in your bear canister. Additionally, bear canisters should be properly sealed even when in an attended campsite. For more information on proper food and trash storage in the Sierra’s, please visit: http://www.sierrawildbear.gov/