Should I not wear brightly colored clothing while recreating or use brightly colored tents while camping?

One aspect of outdoor recreation that some people seek is solitude – the feeling that you’re the only one there. In order to help protect the solitude of our wildest places, we recommend considering if brightly colored gear is necessary. In certain circumstances such as mountaineering, climbing or hiking, backpacking and mountain biking during hunting season, etc., it is absolutely necessary for safety. However, there are locations where brightly colored equipment can detract, sometimes substantially, from the experience. We ask that people consider the situation and make the best decision regarding safety, protection of the environment and protection of the outdoor experience.
The first Leave No Trace principle is Plan Ahead and Prepare. This is the step where we encourage people to learn about where they plan to go, obtain the right gear, find out what they can expect and inform themselves about potential safety concerns. Every outdoor situation is different and some warrant brightly colored gear and clothing for safety. We feel that safety is the single most important aspect of any outdoor adventure, and strongly recommend that people to do whatever is needed to enjoy the outdoors safely.