How do I start a Leave No Trace program in my country?

Before a country considers forming an international branch, the Center suggests that you join as a partner first. This option may provide most, if not all, of what you need to use and teach Leave No Trace. To date, the Center has supported four countries in forming Leave No Trace organizations: Leave No Trace Australia, Leave No Trace/Sans Trace Canada, Leave No Trace Ireland and Leave No Trace New Zealand. The first steps consist of contacting the Center to receive the Leave No Trace Branch information and guidelines. The next step is assembling a committee of 12-16 leaders from your country’s major and relevant land management and government agencies, outdoor organizations, educational bodies, youth serving organizations, recreation-based organizations, corporations, etc. that will partner in establishing the organization. This committee should be a complete representation of major stakeholders that will make a national Leave No Trace program successful. Once there is discussion with the Center and agreement that broad representation is established and that a successful organization could be sustained, the committee, collectively, submits a proposal to the Center.