How can my organization become an approved provider of the Leave No Trace Master Educator course?

Once every five years the Center facilitates a Request for Proposal (RFP) process for organizations interested in becoming approved providers of the Leave No Trace Master Educator Course (the most recent RFP process was held in 2013/14). This process allows the Center to review the Master Educator Course and the approved institutions offering the course. Institutions or organizations interested in receiving authorization to provide one or more Leave No Trace Master courses must have verifiable experience in successfully teaching and instructing outdoor skills and ethics, including minimum impact travel and camping techniques. Interested institutions or organizations must also have a cadre of Leave No Trace Master Educators on staff that can provide high quality training. Such organizations must be current partners of the Center, must demonstrate adequate liability insurance and risk management systems to cover course-related accidents and mishaps and obtain all necessary permits and permissions for operating on public or other land. Additionally, chosen course providers may be required to undergo a Leave No Trace Master Educator Instructor course at their expense if deemed necessary by the Center in order to ensure a qualified pool of instructors. The next RFP process will occur in 2018/19. Contact the Center for more information on this process.