Can Leave No Trace set up a booth at my outdoor event?

The Center receives a number of requests each year for outdoor events and festivals. Here are some ways that you can incorporate Leave No Trace into your event or festival:
1) Request an event through one of the Traveling Trainer teams or the e-tour.
Please request your event 3+ months in advance and keep in mind that it is subject to the teams’ schedules. The Center works hard to attend a diverse amount of events so if they are unable to attend one year, it is likely they’ll be able to attend in subsequent years.
2) Contact State Advocates and Master Educators:
Fortunately, the Traveling Trainers Teams are not alone. The teams are supported by two other groups: State Advocates and Leave No Trace Master Educators. There is a network of 48 State Advocates and more than 2,500 Master Educators nationwide. Both State Advocates and Master Educators are available to assist you in your Leave No Trace endeavors. State Advocates are volunteers who help set up Leave No Trace training events, trainings, outreach and support Leave No Trace activities around their respective states. They also have contact with other local volunteers. Master Educators have received the highest level of training offered in Leave No Trace education, and are therefore highly qualified to facilitate programs similar to those offered by the Traveling Trainers.
To contact your State Advocate and local Master Educators, please visit the Community Map and click on your state.
3) Facilitate a booth or workshop:
The Center has a number of free educational materials, as well as other training resources on our website. Please take advantage of these online resources, which can be used at a booth or outdoor workshop.
Leave No Trace Principles
Activities to teach Leave No Trace
Leave No Trace Principles brochure (PDF)
North American Skills and Ethics Booklet (PDF)
Other Education and Training Resources
Youth Programs- PEAK Program
TEEN Program
Apply for a grant