Am I certified in Leave No Trace?

A question we hear often is “Are Leave No Trace Trainers or Master Educators ‘certified’ or do they receive ‘certification’ in Leave No Trace?” The short answer is no. Many people who attend courses are under the impression that once they attend a Master Educator or Trainer Course or an Awareness Workshop that they are "certified" in Leave No Trace. This is not the case. The word "certification" carries with it many legal implications that the Center has chosen to avoid. Therefore, individuals who attend either a Master Educator or Trainer course or an Awareness Workshop, are "trained" but not "certified.” There is no certification in Leave No Trace available through the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics or through any of its educational course providers. So, to say that you (or someone else) are a "Certified Leave No Trace Trainer/Master Educator" is incorrect. Instead, the Center uses phrases such as "successfully completed,” or "trained in Leave No Trace,” or “a trained instructor of Leave No Trace,” and "upon successful completion of a course, you will receive a certificate stating that you are trained in Leave No Trace.”