Meet Donielle and Aaron!


Donielle Stevens


Donielle’s passion for environmental education began while learning the Leave No Trace Seven Principles as a Trail Crew Member. Since then, she’s been involved as an educator with organizations that focus on organic food processes, agricultural sustainability, and teaching hands-on outdoor education that align with math & science curriculum. Donielle received a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy with a concentration in Ethics, Law, and Political Philosophy, and a minor in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno. She loves encouraging people to experience nature in their own unique way. Her passion for life and learning means she has many hobbies including woodworking, learning the medicinal qualities of plants, and playing with vintage cameras. Look for her on the road in the West Central region!


Aaron Hussmann

2016.2.24_Aaron Hussmann.jpg

Aaron is an environmental educator with extensive project management experience. During his tenure as Clean Air Ambassador, Campus Organizer, and Community Engagement Associate with the League to Save Lake Tahoe, he educated more than 9,000 youth throughout California. Aaron received a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology with a concentration in environmental psychology from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Aaron is a budding photographer, amateur meteorologist, and coffee addict. He is excited to be on the road as a Subaru/Leave No Trace Traveling Trainer!