Antonio Gonzalez

Antonio Gonzalez is Head of Operations, Erwin Hymer Group North America, the leading manufacturer of Class B Motorhomes in North America. Prior to this position, he served as President of TAXA outdoors, the maker of the Cricket Trailer and other innovative outdoor equipment, where he led a team to design and manufacture products that are lightweight, green and tread lightly on land. He was responsible for creating a culture of “doing more with less” and growing the TAXA Outdoors mindset: Step Outside, Embrace Adventure, Take Me With You. Prior to TAXA Outdoors, Mr. Gonzales was a strategist providing growth advisory services to consumer goods companies. As an avid cyclist, he enjoys training for endurance events and connecting with youth programs about leading healthy lifestyles. Mr. Gonzales earned a BS in Electrical Engineering and MBA from IE Business School in Madrid. He lives in Houston, TX, (e.g. home of the NASA-inspired trailer) with his beautiful wife and daughter, Mahely & Danika.

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